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Open Diameter C++ API Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AAA_GroupedScholarAttribute< T >Grouped scholar and vector data manipulation class
AAA_MessageBlockScopeAutomated scoped release of message block
AAA_ScholarAttribute< T >Scholar and vector data manipulation class
AAAAccountingClientSessionAccounting Client Session Base Class Definition
AAAAccountingRecTransformerAccounting Record Transformer Class Definition
AAAAccountingServerSessionAccounting Server Session Base Class Definition
AAAAccountingSessionAccounting Service Definition Accounting Session Base Class Definition
AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformerAAAMessage to XML Transformer definition
AAAApplicationCoreApplication Core
AAAAvpContainerAvpContainer AVP Container Definition
AAAAvpContainerEntryContainerEntry Container Entry
AAAAvpContainerEntryManagerAvpContainerEntryManager AVP Container Entry Manager
AAAAvpContainerListAvpContainerList AVP Container List
AAAAvpContainerManagerAvpContainerEntryManager AVP Container Entry Manager
AAAClientSessionClient Session Definition
AAADiameterHeaderDiameterHeader Diameter Message Header Definition
AAAErrorStatusErrorStatus Error Status
AAAEventHandlerEvent Handler
AAAMessageMessage Diameter Message
AAAMessageBlockMessageBuffer Message Buffer Definitions
AAAMessageControlMessage Control Definition
AAAParser< RAWDATA, APPDATA, DICTDATA >Parser Message Parser Definition
AAAProxyServicesProxy Message Handler
AAAServerSessionSession Server Definition
AAAServerSessionClassFactory< SESSION_SERVER >Server Session Factory Helper Definition
AAAServerSessionFactorySession Factory Definition
AAASessionSession Management
AAASessionMessageHandlerMessage Handler Class definition
AAATypeSpecificAvpContainerEntry< T >
AvpContainerEntryCreator< T >
AvpTypeList_SAVP Type List Class Definition. Every AVP type MUST have an instance for this singleton class with specifying an appropriate function used for creating the AVP value parser. This class is also used for adding user-defined AVP types and parsers
AvpValueParserCreator< T >
UTF8CheckerUTF8 string format check. If the data contains a valid UTF8 string, it returns 0. Otherwise, it returns -1

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