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AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer Class Reference

AAAMessage to XML Transformer definition. More...

#include <diameter_api.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer ()
 ~AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer ()
virtual AAAReturnCode Convert (AAAMessage *msg)
virtual AAAReturnCode OutputRecord (AAAMessage *originalMsg)

Protected Attributes

AAASessionPayload record
ACE_UINT32 record_size

Detailed Description

AAAMessage to XML Transformer definition.

This is a default transfomer provided by the open diameter library. When used, with a session object, the transformer will convert AAAMessage to XML stream.

The following is the XML stream output format for a converted AAAMessage.

value value value value value <"avpname">value <"avpname"> <"avpname">value</"avpname"> <"avpname">value</"avpname"> <"avpname"> <"avpname">value</"avpname"> </"avpname"> </"avpname">

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer::AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer  ) 


AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer::~AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer  ) 


Member Function Documentation

virtual AAAReturnCode AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer::Convert AAAMessage msg  )  [virtual]

Converts AAAMessage to XML stream data.

msg Message to be converted

Implements AAAAccountingRecTransformer.

virtual AAAReturnCode AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer::OutputRecord AAAMessage originalMsg  )  [virtual]

Must be implemented by the application to archive the XML stream data. The converted data MUST be stored in record and record_size.

IMPORTANT: Users MAY invoked this default implementation to automatically free the record. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the implementor to release this record pointer using "delete".

originalMsg Source message

Implements AAAAccountingRecTransformer.

Member Data Documentation

AAASessionPayload AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer::record [protected]

Opaque pointer to XML stream

ACE_UINT32 AAAAccountingXMLRecTransformer::record_size [protected]

Size of record

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