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AAAClientSession Class Reference

Client Session Definition. More...

#include <diameter_api.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAAClientSession (AAAApplicationCore &appCore, diameter_unsigned32_t id)
virtual ~AAAClientSession ()
AAAReturnCode Start ()
AAAReturnCode SetOptionalSIDValue (std::string optVal)
AAAReturnCode Update (AAASession::EVENT event)
AAAReturnCode End ()

Detailed Description

Client Session Definition.

Derived class to provide functionality of a diameter client.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AAAClientSession::AAAClientSession AAAApplicationCore appCore,
diameter_unsigned32_t  id


appCore Application core instance
id Application ID associated with this session

virtual AAAClientSession::~AAAClientSession  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

AAAReturnCode AAAClientSession::End  ) 

This function, invoked by a client, terminates a session.

AAAReturnCode AAAClientSession::SetOptionalSIDValue std::string  optVal  ) 

Sets the optional value portion of the Session-Id AVP to a user defined value

AAAReturnCode AAAClientSession::Start  ) 

This function allows a client to start a session and store session information in the internal database.

AAAReturnCode AAAClientSession::Update AAASession::EVENT  event  )  [virtual]

This functions is a client impelmentation of the update base function.

event Session event to update state machine with

Implements AAASession.

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