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AAAMessageControl Class Reference

Message Control Definition. More...

#include <diameter_api.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAAMessageControl (AAASession *session)
 ~AAAMessageControl ()
AAAReturnCode SetResultCode (AAAMessage &response, AAAMessage &request, AAAResultCode resultCode)
AAAReturnCode Send (AAAMessage &msg)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Message Control Definition.

The class definition in this section allows a client application to send messages to a destination. It provides diameter client the functionality to direct a message to a particular server, determine the server for a message, etc. It also allows a server to respond to messages received from clients.

The model provided for message control is to associate it with an existing session since the functionality provided is for delivery of messages to known entities via established sessions. The message control class requires an instance of a session and therefore associates the message control to the application core.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AAAMessageControl::AAAMessageControl AAASession session  ) 


session Client or Server session instance

AAAMessageControl::~AAAMessageControl  ) 


Member Function Documentation

AAAReturnCode AAAMessageControl::Send AAAMessage msg  ) 

This function sends a message to the server assigned to the message by SetServer(). If no server id has been assigned to the message, a server id is selected. If no servers are currently active, the message is queued for later sending.

msg Message to send

AAAReturnCode AAAMessageControl::SetResultCode AAAMessage response,
AAAMessage request,
AAAResultCode  resultCode

This function sets the result code for a response message and makes all changes based on the original request and the application defined result code.

response Answer message
request Original request message
resultCode Code to insert into answer message

Member Data Documentation

AAASession& AAAMessageControl::session [protected]

Session instance

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