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AAAServerSessionClassFactory< SESSION_SERVER > Class Template Reference

Server Session Factory Helper Definition. More...

#include <diameter_api.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAAServerSessionClassFactory (diameter_unsigned32_t id, AAASessionType type=AAA_STYPE_AUTHENTICATION)
AAASessionCreateInstance (AAAApplicationCore &core, diameter_unsigned32_t id)

Detailed Description

template<class SESSION_SERVER>
class AAAServerSessionClassFactory< SESSION_SERVER >

Server Session Factory Helper Definition.

This template functions allows an AAAServerSession derived object to be easily associated with an factory and registered with the application core. Note that this class is an implementation of AAASessionFactory and provides a generic solution for implementing server session factories.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class SESSION_SERVER>
AAAServerSessionClassFactory< SESSION_SERVER >::AAAServerSessionClassFactory diameter_unsigned32_t  id,


This constructor forces the class not be non-inheritable

id Application ID for this factory
type Session type generated by the factory

Member Function Documentation

template<class SESSION_SERVER>
AAASession* AAAServerSessionClassFactory< SESSION_SERVER >::CreateInstance AAAApplicationCore core,
diameter_unsigned32_t  id
[inline, virtual]

Generic implementation of factory method

core Application core this factory is registered to.
id Application ID associated with the session being created.

Implements AAAServerSessionFactory.

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