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AAADiameterHeader Class Reference

DiameterHeader Diameter Message Header Definition. More...

#include <diameter_parser_api.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAADiameterHeader (AAA_UINT8 ver, ACE_UINT32 length, struct hdr_flag flags, AAACommandCode code, AAAApplicationId appId, ACE_UINT32 hh, ACE_UINT32 ee)
 AAADiameterHeader ()
AAADictionaryHandlegetDictHandle ()
const char * getCommandName ()

Public Attributes

ACE_UINT32 length:24
hdr_flag flags
AAACommandCode code:24
AAAApplicationId appId


class AAAParser< AAAMessageBlock *, AAADiameterHeader *, ParseOption >
class AAAParser< AAAMessageBlock *, AAADiameterHeader *, AAADictionaryOption * >

Detailed Description

DiameterHeader Diameter Message Header Definition.

A class used for storing Diameter header fields.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AAADiameterHeader::AAADiameterHeader AAA_UINT8  ver,
ACE_UINT32  length,
struct hdr_flag  flags,
AAACommandCode  code,
AAAApplicationId  appId,
ACE_UINT32  hh,
ACE_UINT32  ee


ver Version
length Initial length
flags Header flag value
code Message command code
appId Diameter application ID
hh Hop-to-Hop ID
ee End-to-End ID

AAADiameterHeader::AAADiameterHeader  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

const char* AAADiameterHeader::getCommandName  ) 

returns the command name

AAADictionaryHandle* AAADiameterHeader::getDictHandle  )  [inline]

returns the current dictionary handle

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AAAParser< AAAMessageBlock *, AAADiameterHeader *, AAADictionaryOption * > [friend]

Parser friend

friend class AAAParser< AAAMessageBlock *, AAADiameterHeader *, ParseOption > [friend]

Parser friend

Member Data Documentation

AAAApplicationId AAADiameterHeader::appId

Application ID

AAACommandCode AAADiameterHeader::code

Command code

ACE_UINT32 AAADiameterHeader::ee

End-to-End ID

struct hdr_flag AAADiameterHeader::flags

Header flags

ACE_UINT32 AAADiameterHeader::hh

Hop-to-Hop ID

ACE_UINT32 AAADiameterHeader::length

Message length (payload)

AAA_UINT8 AAADiameterHeader::ver


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