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AAA_Task Class Reference

#include <framework.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAA_Task (AAA_SchedulingPolicy policy=AAA_SCHED_FIFO, char *name=0, unsigned numPriority=1, unsigned maxWeight=1)
void Start (int n) throw (AAA_Error)
void Stop ()
 Wait until all threads complete.

long ScheduleTimer (ACE_Event_Handler *eventHandler, const void *arg, ACE_Time_Value delay, ACE_Time_Value interval=0)
int CancelTimer (ACE_UINT32 timerHandle, const void **arg)
bool Running ()
AAA_GroupedJob & Job ()
AAA_JobHandle< AAA_GroupedJob > & JobHandle ()

Detailed Description

The base class for "task". See Task Sub-API for detailed information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AAA_Task::AAA_Task AAA_SchedulingPolicy  policy = AAA_SCHED_FIFO,
char *  name = 0,
unsigned  numPriority = 1,
unsigned  maxWeight = 1

Constuctor. The int parameter specifies the number of job serving threads and the name parameter specifies the name of the task. The policy parameter specifies the scheduling policy represented by a "bit-or" combination of AAA_SCHED_FIFO, AAA_SCHED_WFQ and AAA_SCHED_PRIORITY. The task name will be used for logging purpose. The number of priority classes and the maximum weight value can also be specified.

Member Function Documentation

int AAA_Task::CancelTimer ACE_UINT32  timerHandle,
const void **  arg

Cancel the scheduled timer. The canceled timer argument is returned in the second argument.

long AAA_Task::ScheduleTimer ACE_Event_Handler *  eventHandler,
const void *  arg,
ACE_Time_Value  delay,
ACE_Time_Value  interval = 0

Schedule a timer event to occur with a specified time delay. The timer event will be continuously occur at the specified interval parameter if the interval is non-zero. The specified argment is used when the event is executed.

void AAA_Task::Start int  n  )  throw (AAA_Error) [inline]

Activate specified number of threads. A negative integer is thrown when the task could not be started.

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