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AAA_StateMachine< ARG > Class Template Reference

#include <framework.h>

Inheritance diagram for AAA_StateMachine< ARG >:

AAA_StateMachineBase AAA_StateMachineWithTimer< ARG > List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AAA_StateMachine ()
 Overloaded by derived class's destractors.

virtual void Start () throw (AAA_Error)
 This function is used for starting the state machine.

void Stop ()
 This function is used for stopping the state machine.

bool Running ()
void Event (AAA_Event ev)
AAA_StateMachine< ARG > & operator= (AAA_StateMachine< ARG > &sm)
 Reference assignment operator.

Protected Member Functions

 AAA_StateMachine (ARG &arg, AAA_StateTable< ARG > &table, char *name=0)

Protected Attributes

AAA_StateTable< ARG > & stateTable
AAA_State state
ARG & actionArg

Detailed Description

template<class ARG>
class AAA_StateMachine< ARG >

Abstract class for state machine with action argment type (see State Machine).

Member Function Documentation

template<class ARG>
void AAA_StateMachine< ARG >::Event AAA_Event  ev  )  [inline, virtual]

This function is used for passing event to the instance of this class.

Implements AAA_StateMachineBase.

template<class ARG>
bool AAA_StateMachine< ARG >::Running  )  [inline, virtual]

This function is used for checking whether the state machine has been started.

Implements AAA_StateMachineBase.

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