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EapPeerSwitchStateMachine Class Reference

#include <eap_peerfsm.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for EapPeerSwitchStateMachine:

EapSwitchStateMachine EapStateMachine< EapPeerSwitchStateMachine > EapJobMultiplexor List of all members.

Public Types

enum  EapPeerDecision { FAIL, COND_SUCC, UNCOND_SUCC }
 Decision variable definition.

enum  EapPeerMethodState {
enum  event { EvRxMsg = -1, EvSgPortEnabled = -2, EvSgValidReq = -3, EvSgInvalidReq = -4 }
 External events passed from applications and methods.

Public Member Functions

void Start () throw (AAA_Error)
void Notify (AAA_Event ev)
 Called by any switch or method state machine.

void Receive (AAAMessageBlock *)
virtual void Success ()=0
virtual void Failure ()=0
virtual void Notification (std::string &str)=0
 A callback function called when Notification message is received.

virtual std::string & InputIdentity ()=0
bool & NotificationAllowed ()
 This function is returns a reference to notificationAllowed.

std::string & NotificationString ()
 This function is returns a reference to notificationStr.

ACE_UINT16 & AuthPeriod ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to client timeout value.

ACE_Byte & LastIdentifier ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to lastIdentifier.

bool & LastIdValidity ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to lastIdValidity.

EapTypeReqMethod ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to reqMethod.

bool & ReceivedFirstRequest ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to receivedFirstRequest.

EapInputIdentityTaskInputIdentityTask ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to inputIdentityTask.

EapFutureStringResult & FutureIdentity ()
 Use this function to obtain the reference to futureIdentity.

int InputIdentityTimerType ()
 Use this function to obtain identityInputTimerType.

EapPeerDecisionDecision ()
EapPeerMethodStateMethodState ()

Protected Member Functions

 EapPeerSwitchStateMachine (ACE_Reactor &r, EapJobHandle &h)

Protected Attributes

ACE_Byte lastIdentifier
bool lastIdValidity
ACE_UINT16 authPeriod
 Authorization period.

bool receivedFirstRequest
bool notificationAllowed
 This is used to retain the status of Notification message handling.

std::string notificationStr
 Notification payload is stored here.

EapType reqMethod
 reqMethod or the method contained in the received request.

EapInputIdentityTask inputIdentityTask
 A handle to the thread that is spawned for identity input.

EapFutureStringResult futureIdentity
int inputIdentityTimerType
 Timer type used for input identity timer;.

EapPeerDecision decision
 This variable stores peer decision.

EapPeerMethodState methodState
 This variable stores external method state.

Static Protected Attributes

const ACE_UINT16 defaultAuthPeriod
 The default value for client timeout.


class EapPeerSwitchStateTable_S

Detailed Description

A leaf class for peer state machine. Class creation can be made only by EapSession class instances.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::EapPeerMethodState

External method states visibile to peer switch state machine. Method state machines can use finer grained states inside themselves machines but MethodState() must be defined by each method state machine to provide mapping from an internal method state and to an external method state.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::Failure  )  [pure virtual]

A callback function called when the EAP session completes with failure.

virtual std::string& EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::InputIdentity  )  [pure virtual]

This callback function is called when peer identity needs to be input by the application.

void EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::Receive AAAMessageBlock *   )  [virtual]

This function is called when an application receives an EAP message that needs to be processed by the state machine.

Implements EapSwitchStateMachine.

virtual void EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::Success  )  [pure virtual]

A callback function called when the EAP session completes with success.

Member Data Documentation

EapFutureStringResult EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::futureIdentity [protected]

The place where an identity string will be set as a result of asynchrounous function call.

ACE_Byte EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::lastIdentifier [protected]

This variable indicates the Identifier of the last valid Request that was responsed.

bool EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::lastIdValidity [protected]

This boolean variable indicates whether the lastIdentifier is valid (e.g., indating at least one valid Response was received in the session. This variable will be re-initialized at the time of re-authentication.

bool EapPeerSwitchStateMachine::receivedFirstRequest [protected]

This boolean variable indicates whether the peer received the first Request from the authenticator.

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