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EapPassThroughAuthSwitchStateMachine Class Reference

#include <eap_authfsm.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for EapPassThroughAuthSwitchStateMachine:

EapAuthSwitchStateMachine EapStateMachine< EapPassThroughAuthSwitchStateMachine > EapSwitchStateMachine EapJobMultiplexor List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void Start () throw (AAA_Error)
void Notify (AAA_Event ev)
virtual void ForwardResponse (AAAMessageBlock *msg)=0
EapMessageQueue & AAARxQueue () throw ()
 Call this function for getting a reference to aaaRxQueue.

ACE_Byte GetNextIdentifier (ACE_Byte id)
 The specified identifier is used as the next identifier.

EapAuthDecision Decision ()
 Reimplemented from EapAuthSwitchStateMachine::Decision().

void AAA_Success (AAAMessageBlock *msg) throw (int)
 Called by application when AAA succeeds. The argument may be null.

void AAA_Failure (AAAMessageBlock *msg) throw (int)
 Called by application when AAA fails. The argument may be null.

void AAA_Continue (AAAMessageBlock *msg) throw (int)

Protected Member Functions

 EapPassThroughAuthSwitchStateMachine (ACE_Reactor &r, EapJobHandle &h)

Protected Attributes

EapMessageQueue aaaRxQueue
 this queue is used for receiving EAP message from EAP server.

Detailed Description

A leaf class for passthrough authenticator state machine. Class creation can be made only by EapSession.

Member Function Documentation

void EapPassThroughAuthSwitchStateMachine::AAA_Continue AAAMessageBlock *  msg  )  throw (int) [inline]

Called by application when AAA continues. The argument must not be null.

virtual void EapPassThroughAuthSwitchStateMachine::ForwardResponse AAAMessageBlock *  msg  )  [pure virtual]

A callback function callled when a Response is forwarded to an EAP server. // virtual void ForwardResponse(AAAMessageBlock msg)=0;

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