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EapContinuedPolicyElement Class Reference

#include <eap_policy.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for EapContinuedPolicyElement:

EapPolicyElement List of all members.

Public Types

enum  PolicySwitch { PolicyOnSuccess, PolicyOnFailure }
 Used for adding a policy node.

Public Member Functions

 EapContinuedPolicyElement (EapType t)
EapPolicyElementNextPolicyElement (PolicySwitch sw)
void AddSuccessPolicyElement (PolicySwitch sw)
void AddFailurePolicyElement ()
void AddContinuedPolicyElement (EapPolicyElement *p, PolicySwitch sw)
bool IsContinued ()
 This function returns true when the PE is of type Continued.

EapType GetType ()


class EapPolicy

Detailed Description

This class represents an non-leaf policy element which contains a single authentication type as well as two branches each taken when the authentication type succeeds and fails, respectively. See Authentication Policy for detailed description about authentication policy.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EapContinuedPolicyElement::EapContinuedPolicyElement EapType  t  )  [inline]

By default, a success leaf policy element is added to the success branch, and a failure leaf policy element is added to the failure branch, of this policy element. So, when a single EAP method is used, there is nothing to do for applications to explicitly set the branches.

Member Function Documentation

void EapContinuedPolicyElement::AddContinuedPolicyElement EapPolicyElement p,
PolicySwitch  sw

Add a continued policy element. It is added to either success branch or failure branch.

void EapContinuedPolicyElement::AddFailurePolicyElement  ) 

Add a failure leaf policy element It is added to failure branch only.

void EapContinuedPolicyElement::AddSuccessPolicyElement PolicySwitch  sw  ) 

Add a success leaf policy element It is added to either success branch or failure branch.

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