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EapAuthIdentityStateMachine Class Reference

This class implements Identity method at authenticator side. More...

#include <eap_identity.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for EapAuthIdentityStateMachine:

EapMethodStateMachine EapStateMachine< EapAuthIdentityStateMachine > List of all members.

Public Types

enum  ProcessIdentityResult { Success, Failure }
 Used by ProcessIdentity() as return values.

Public Member Functions

void Start () throw (AAA_Error)
 Reimplemented from EapMethodStateMachine.

void Notify (AAA_Event ev)
 Reimplemented from EapMethodStateMachine.

void Receive (AAAMessageBlock *b)
ACE_UINT32 & NumberOfTrial ()
 Use this function to obtain the current number of trial for this method.

virtual ProcessIdentityResult ProcessIdentity (std::string &identity)=0

Static Public Attributes

const ACE_UINT32 maxTrial
 Maximum number of retry for sending Request/Identity.

Protected Member Functions

 EapAuthIdentityStateMachine (EapSwitchStateMachine &s)

Protected Attributes

ACE_UINT32 nTrial


class EapMethodStateMachineCreator< EapAuthIdentityStateMachine >
class EapAuthIdentityStateTable_S

Detailed Description

This class implements Identity method at authenticator side.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ProcessIdentityResult EapAuthIdentityStateMachine::ProcessIdentity std::string &  identity  )  [pure virtual]

This pure virtual function is a callback used when an identity of the peer is received.

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