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DiameterMip4AaaSServerSession< SpecificAaaSServerSession > Class Template Reference

#include <diameter_mip4_aaas_server_session.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 DiameterMip4AaaSServerSession (AAAApplicationCore &appCore, diameter_unsigned32_t appId=Mip4ApplicationId)
 ~DiameterMip4AaaSServerSession ()
void ServerSessionNotify (AAA_Event ev)
void NotifyClientSession (int event)
DiameterMip4AaaSServerSessionSelf ()
 Returns the pointer to myself.
AAAReturnCode HandleMessage (AAAMessage &msg)
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.
AAAReturnCode HandleDisconnect ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.
AAAReturnCode HandleSessionTimeout ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.
AAAReturnCode HandleAuthLifetimeTimeout ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.
AAAReturnCode HandleAuthGracePeriodTimeout ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.
AAAReturnCode HandleAbort ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.
AAAReturnCode HandleTimeout ()
void Start () throw (AAA_Error)
AAAReturnCode Reset () throw (AAA_Error)
int SetMnHaNonce (diameter_octetstring_t &mnHaNonce)
int SetHaMnKey (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_octetstring_t > &mipSessionKey)
int SetAlgorithmType (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_unsigned32_t > &mipAlgorithmType)
int SetReplayMode (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_unsigned32_t > &mipReplayMode)
int SetAuthorizationLifetime (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_unsigned32_t > &authLifetime)
void SetAuthState (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_enumerated_t > &state)
bool AuthenticateUser (std::string UserName, diameter_address_t MipMobileNodeAddress, diameter_unsigned32_t MipMnAaaSpi, diameter_unsigned32_t MipAuthInputDataLength, diameter_unsigned32_t MipAuthenticatorLength, diameter_unsigned32_t MipAuthenticatorOffset, std::string MipRegRequest)
int SetMipMsaLifetime (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_unsigned32_t > &mipMsaLifetime)
int SetErrorMessage (diameter_utf8string_t &errorMessage)
bool IsItLocalRealm (diameter_identity_t realm)
int SetMnFaNonce (diameter_octetstring_t &mnFaNonce)
int SetMnFaKey (diameter_octetstring_t &mipSessionKey)
int SetFaHaKey (diameter_octetstring_t &mipSessionKey)
int SetAaaSAllocatedHomeAgentHost (AAA_ScholarAttribute< diameter_identity_t > &hostname)
AMR_Data & AMR ()
AMA_Data & AMA ()
HAR_Data & HAR ()
HAA_Data & HAA ()

Public Attributes

AMR_Data amrData
AMA_Data amaData
HAR_Data harData
HAA_Data haaData


class  AMR_Handler
 AMR Message Handler. More...

Detailed Description

template<class SpecificAaaSServerSession>
class DiameterMip4AaaSServerSession< SpecificAaaSServerSession >

Diameter MIP4 AAA server Server session. This class is defined as multiple inheritance, one from AAAServerSession (defined in Diameter API) and the other from DiameterMip4AaaSServerStateMachine.

Member Function Documentation

template<class SpecificAaaSServerSession>
AAAReturnCode DiameterMip4AaaSServerSession< SpecificAaaSServerSession >::HandleTimeout  )  [inline]

Reimplemented from AAAServerSession. This is a general timeout event handler.

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