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AAAMessage Class Reference

Message Diameter Message. More...

#include <diameter_parser_api.h>

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Public Attributes

AAADiameterHeader hdr
AAAAvpContainerList acl
AAAErrorStatus status
IP_ADDR originator
IP_ADDR sender
time_t secondsTillExpire
time_t startTime

Detailed Description

Message Diameter Message.

This class is re-defined as a replacement of the C-based AAAMessage type definition.

A class used for carrying AAAAvpContainerList and AAADiameterHeader class instances between applications and the API.

Member Data Documentation

AAAAvpContainerList AAAMessage::acl

AVP container list

AAADiameterHeader AAAMessage::hdr

Message header

IP_ADDR AAAMessage::originator

Originator IP address

time_t AAAMessage::secondsTillExpire

Expiration time of message

IP_ADDR AAAMessage::sender

Sender IP address

time_t AAAMessage::startTime

Time of transmission

AAAErrorStatus AAAMessage::status

Error status

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