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DiameterEapServerSession Class Reference

#include <diameter_eap_server_session.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for DiameterEapServerSession:

DiameterEapServerStateMachine List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 DiameterEapServerSession (AAAApplicationCore &appCore, diameter_unsigned32_t appId=EapApplicationId)

 ~DiameterEapServerSession ()

DiameterEapServerSessionSelf ()
 Returns the pointer to myself.

AAAReturnCode HandleMessage (AAAMessage &msg)
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.

AAAReturnCode HandleDisconnect ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.

AAAReturnCode HandleSessionTimeout ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.

AAAReturnCode HandleAuthLifetimeTimeout ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.

AAAReturnCode HandleAuthGracePeriodTimeout ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.

AAAReturnCode HandleAbort ()
 Reimplemented from AAAServerSession.

AAAReturnCode HandleTimeout ()
void Start () throw (AAA_Error)

Detailed Description

Diameter EAP Server session. This class is defined as multiple inheritance, one from AAAServerSession (defined in Diameter API) and the other from DiameterEapServerStateMachine.

Member Function Documentation

AAAReturnCode DiameterEapServerSession::HandleTimeout  ) 

Reimplemented from AAAServerSession. This is a general timeout event handler.

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